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News & Recent Events

Winter 2014

 Congratulations to Alissa Mrazek for passing her qualifying exams! She is now officially a Doctoral candidate.

 Maureen's research is highlighted in a Huffington Post article!

Fall 2013

 Congratulations to Vida Manzo for passing her qualifying exams! She is now officially a Doctoral candidate.

 Maureen received a Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN) conference travel award. Congrats Mo!

 SPCL RA and thesis student, Hina Muneeruddin, received an Undergraduate Research Grant (URG) from Northwestern University. Good

     work Hina!

Summer 2013

 Congratulations to our RA graduates Erinma Ukoha, Laura Venn, Emmanuel Anderson, and Sydney Smith. We wish you the best of luck on

     all future endeavors!

 Congratulations to SROP intern Jasmine Koech for doing a great job in the lab and giving an excellent presentation. Best of luck on your

     senior thesis!

 Maureen Craig got a Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) Grant-in-Aid funded and an International Society of Political

     Psychology (ISPP) travel award!

Spring 2013

  Our former postdoc, Mary Murphy, was named a 2013 Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science!

  Vida Manzo wins the Ford Foundation Graduate Fellowship!

  Dorainne Levy and Vida Manzo won admission into the Summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology (SISP) program taking place

      in the summer of 2013 at UC Davis! Congrats guys!

  SPCL undergraduate Research Assistant, Ellyn Peña, won the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship!

  Katie Rotella passed her dissertation defense with flying colors and is now Dr. Katie Rotella! Congrats Katie!


Winter 2013

   Professor Richeson was named John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Endowed Chair during an Investiture ceremony on February 15th!

   Former lab manager, Shanette Porter, accepted a position as a senior research analyst at the University of Chicago's Consortium on Chicago

       School Research (CCSR)!

   Maureen Craig won and accepted an American Bar Foundation Fellowship for next year! Congrats Mo!

   Alissa Mrazek won a research grant from the National Science Foundation to study in Singapore this summer! 


Fall 2012

  Vida Manzo won a travel grant from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology! Congrats Vida!

  The SPCL welcomes our new lab manager Lauren Foley to the lab!

  Laura Venn won an Undergraduate Reseach Grant for her honors thesis work!

  Alissa Mrazek won a research grant from the Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) at NU's Kellogg School of Management!

Summer 2012

  The SPCL welcomes summer RAs Hinasahar Muneeruddin, Christine Daly, and Laura Venn to the lab!

Spring 2012

  Dr. Richeson appears on the Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC!

  Destiny Peery accepts a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Duke Law School!

  Dorainne Levy wins a Ford Foundation Fellowship!

  Dorainne Levy wins a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Winter 2012

  Maureen Craig's research proposal for the Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) program is accepted to be fielded!

Fall 2011

  The SPCL welcomes visiting graduate student Stacey Sasaki to the lab!

  Dorainne Levy wins a travel award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology!

Summer 2011

  The SPCL welcomes summer RAs Melissa Hyre, Jermaine Dictado, and Lydia Wilson to the lab!
  The SPCL wishes our lab manager, Dawn Espy, a warm goodbye as she begins her graduate study at U of M!

Spring 2011

  Meghan Bean (now Dr. Bean) has successfully defended her disseratation and accepted a post-doctoral fellow position at the

       University of Arizona!

  Evan Apfelbaum has accepted a tenure-track faculty position at MIT! 

  Maureen Craig has been accepted as a student in the Summer Institute on Political Psychology.

  Dawn Espy has decided to pursue her PhD in Psychology at the University of Michigan.

  Katie Rotella won a 2011 fMRI Training Course grant from the University of Michigan.

  Dorainne Levy has been selected as a Society, Biology, & Health Cluster trainee.

  Katie Rotella and Maureen Craig won Northwestern University Graduate Research grants.

Fall 2010

  Three SPCLers win SPSP Student Travel Awards!

  Paul Eastwick (PhD, NU 09) and Evan Apfelbaum (PhD, Tufts 09) are, respectively, the winner of and a finalist for the     

      Society of Experimental Social Psychology Dissertation Award!

  Congratulations to former SPCLers, Andrew Todd (PhD, NU 09) and Kristin Pauker (PhD, Tufts 09), on receiving 2010

      SPSSI Social Issues Dissertation Award honors !

  The SPCL welcomes new PhD student (and former SROP mentee) Dorainne Levy back to the lab!

  The SPCL welcomes new Post-doctoral Fellow, Shanette Porter, to the lab!

  Professor Richeson does not anticipate accepting incoming graduate students for the Fall 2011 academic year.

Summer 2010

  SPCL welcomes SROP mentee, Ivy Onyeador, and summer RA, Irene Izaguirre-Lopez to the lab!

Spring 2010

  SPCL grad Sarah Johnson (PhD, NU 09) was selected as the 2010-2011 APA Exectutive Branch Science Fellow!

  Dr. Richeson was selected as one of 10 "Women on the Rise" in the 10th anniversary issue of O. The Oprah Magazine (May, 2010 issue)!

  Maureen Craig, Katie Rotella and former lab members Jason Okonofua, Deborah Son, and Michelle Rheinschmidt receive National Science Foundation honors!

  Destiny Peery wins an American Bar Foundation Dissertation Fellowship!

Winter 2010

  Maureen Craig awarded 1st Runner-Up in the 2010 Student Poster Award Competition at the Society for Personality and

        Social Psychology conference.

Fall 2009

  Sarah Johnson accepts a postdoctoral position at the University of Illinois at Chicago!

  The SPCL welcomes Dawn Espy as our new lab manager!

  Interested in applying to work with Professor Richeson and the SPCL? Check out the information for prospective PhD

  students here before sending her an e-mail! 

Summer 2009

   Chicago Tribune (7/6): "'Genius grant' winner details her rise from being a lackluster student."

   Congratulations to SPCL members of the Class of 2009!

Spring 2009

     Andrew Todd successfully defends his dissertation and accepts post-doctoral position.

     Katie Rotella and Michelle Rheinschmidt awarded Honorable Mention for NSF Proposals.

    Meghan Bean wins an APA Student Travel Award.

     Josie Menkin wins the Lois Elizabeth Henrikson Undergraduate Travel Award.

    The SPCL congratulates Paul Eastwick on successfully defending his dissertation! 

    Sarah Johnson successfully defended her dissertation.  Congratulations, Dr. Johnson!

     Michelle Rheinschmidt will be starting the Social Psychology PhD program at UC, Berkeley this Fall.

     Former SPCL undergraduate researcher, Jason Okonofua, will be starting the Social Psychology PhD program at Stanford University this Fall.


Winter 2009

     Sophie Trawalter accepts a tenure-track faculty position at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 

    Paul Eastwick accepts a tenure-track faculty position at the Texas A&M University.

Fall 2008

     Josie Menkin receives Undergraduate Research Grant for her senior honors thesis!

    Dr. Richeson wins the 2009 APA Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology.

    Sarah Johnson receives American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award.

    The SPCL welcomes Maureen Craig and Katie Rotella to our research team!

Summer 2008

    Congratulations to SPCL members of the Class of 2008!

Spring 2008

    SPCL undergrads receive summer research fellowships and awards!

    Meghan Bean awarded Honorable Mention for NSF Proposal.

    Press Release (4/1): "Fear of Messing Up May Undermined Interracial Contact."

    Mary Murphy receives the Exemplary Dissertation Award from the Spencer Foundation.

Winter 2008

    Dr. Richeson was identified as a "rising star" by the Association for Psychological Science.

     SPCL thesis students win research grants

    Sophie Trawalter wins a grant from SPSSI. 

    Destiny Peery wins a travel award from the Society for Social and Personality Psychology.