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Spring 2016 Graduation!


Dr. Alissa Mrazek, Professor Jennifer Richeson, and Dr. Dorainne Levy after the hooding ceremony. Dr. Dorainne Levy with dissertation committee member Professor Mesmin Destin.



Dr. Dorainne Levy and Professor Eli Finkel at graduation.

Graduates in the Social Psychology Area from left to right: Monica Gamez-Djokic, Elaine Cheung, Katie Carswell, Dorainne Levy, & Alissa Mrazek







SPCL Spring 2016


From left to right:

Top Row: Ryan Lei, Dorainne Levy, Prof. Nour Kteily, Alexandra Garr-Schultz, Prof. Jennifer Richeson, Natalie Daumeyer, Julian Rucker

Bottom Row: Alissa Mrazek, Michelle Rheinschmidt-Same, Vida Manzo, Chris Petsko







SPCL Winter 2015


From left to right:

Top Row: Dr. Tiffany Brannon, Dr. Jennifer Richeson, Alexandra Garr-Schultz, Julian Rucker, Ryan Lei

Middle Row: Dr. Michelle Rheinschmidt-Same, Alissa Mrazek

Bottom Row: Chris Petsko, Dorainne Levy, Natalie Daumeyer


SPCL Spring 2014


Dr. Maureen Craig with her advisor Dr. Jennifer Richeson at the hooding ceremony. Congratulations Mo! You will be sorely missed!



From left to right:

Top Row: Dr. Tiffany Brannon, Monica Gamez-Djokic, Ryan Lei, Dorainne Levy, Dr. Maureen Craig, Alissa Mrazek, Dr. Jennifer Richeson, Lauren Foley, and Vida Manzo

Bottom Row: Undergraduate Research Assistants Kelby Schuetz, Vicky Ho, Ayla Goktan, and Yewande Akanbi




SPCL Spring 2013 Graduates!





On the left: Undergraduate RAs Laura Venn and Erinma Ukoha 
On the right: Professor Richeson with Dr. Katie Rotella





From left to right:

Top Row: Alissa Mrazek, Vida Manzo, Dr. Jennifer Richeson, Monica Gamez-Djokic, Lauren Foley, and Ryan Lei

Bottom Row: Katie Rotella, Maureen Craig, and Dorainne Levy





From left to right: Top Row: Dr. Jennifer Richeson, Maureen Craig, Destiny Peery, and Dorainne Levy

Bottom Row: Katie Rotella, Stacey Sasaki, and Shanette Porter




From left to right: Top Row: Dorainne Levy, Meghan Bean, Nergis Cavitt, Dawn Espy, John Lipari, and Maureen Craig; Middle Row: Katie Rotella and Dr. Jennifer Richeson; Bottom Row: Aime Lynn Goudie, Lydia Wilson, Levina Li and Alexandra Valls


Our Independent Study Presentations


SROP Research Forum 2010

              From left to right: Dawn Espy (lab manager), Ivuoma Oneador (SROP fellow from Yale University),

Meghan Bean (5th year graduate student),Irene Izaguirre-Lopez (Summer Research Assistant from Columbia University)


From left to right: Top Row: Maureen Craig, Destiny Peery, Neil Vazquez, Dawn Espy, Jalisha Tolbert, and Alexis Isaacs

Bottom Row: Levina Li, Alexandra Hoffman, Meghan Bean, Katie Rotella, and Alexandra Markowski

The lab Manager, Dawn and the RAs for the quarter: Levina, Alexandra, Neil, Jay, Alexis and Aliy!