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Positive Mood Induction

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Research Participant Opportunities


Several of our studies pay for participation. If you are interested in participating in paid psychology research in our lab, please contact our lab manager, Michelle, by clicking here.

Thank you!


Graduate Student Opportunities

APPLICANTS TO THE NU PSYCHOLOGY PROGAM: Professor Richeson is unlikely to be accepting new students to begin study in the 2015-2016 academic year.

CURRENT NU GRADUATE STUDENTS: Professor Richeson works with PhD students in Social Psychology, of course, as well as with students in related disciplines and schools (SESP, Communications, African American Studies). Interested students should contact Professor Richeson.


Undergraduate Student Opportunities

We include undergraduate students in every aspect of our research process. Undergraduate students can serve as research assistants for course credit through PSY 397 or 399 or for monetary compensation (work-study only). If you are interested in working in the Social Perception and Communication Lab (SPCL), please contact Professor Richeson at jriches@northwestern.edu.