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The new website is your home for all events, news updates, institutional history, courses listings and contact information for everything related to the Native American Inclusion initiative at Northwestern University.

As of September, 2016, the website below will no longer be maintained.

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This website provides a central source for information about courses

at Northwestern University related to American Indian issues

as well as information about local organizations, museums, and events.

Please also see the Office of the Provost website on Native American Inclusion
and the One Book One Northwestern site for 2015-2016
featuring The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King

Event Archive

Chicago Event calendar - at Chicago T7Kids

American Indian Center of Chicago on Facebook -see especially "upcoming events"

One Book One Northwestern - events throughout the year












NU Native American and Indigenous Student Alliance

For Native and other interested students

(formed in 2011-2012)

Faculty advisor: Doug Medin

For more information contact

Wilson Smith and Forrest Bruce (NAISA Co-Presidents) at

See (and sign) the NAISA petition regarding the use of

John Evans' name at NU

(Petition issued November, 2015)

NAISA Petition


Colloquium on Indigeneity and Native American Studies

The Graduate School
Contact: Bethany Hughes and Scott Leydon.

Academic Opportunities

Newberry Fellowship for faculty and grad students


(News Archive)

Maple Tapping, 2015

NorthbyNorthwestern (Kristin Mathuny)


Piecing Together: The American Indian Center of Chicago

and Northwestern's New Maple Tree Tapping Partnership

(Angela Little) 

Vocalo Storytellers' Workshop in Chicago


One Book One Northwestern Announces book for 2015-16

The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King



Sand Creek Massacre

Learn about Northwestern's research on the Sand Creek Massacre by the

John Evans Study Committee

and about next steps by the Native American Outreach and Inclusion Task Force

Read the Outreach and Inclusion Task Force report issued November 17, 2014, HERE

Provost's Office status report, February 11, 2015 HERE


Find out about community events and the American Indian community in Chicago by

visiting the American Indian Center website or Facebook.

Visit the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian in Evanston.

See the Newberry Library's D'Arcy McNickle Center for Indigenous Studies webpage
to view their program offerings and to explore their extensive American Indian and Indigenous Studies collection.


Be sure to check Related Courses before registering for next quarter
Classes originate in many departments, including
Psychology, Religion, Anthropology, History, Global Studies and American Studies















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