Former Lab Members
Northwestern University
Lab photo- Fall 2008

Hina Muneeruddin, 14(Honor Thesis)

Lauren Foley (SPCL Lab Manager 12-14), Master's student at MGH Institute of Health Professions

Maureen Craig, PhD 14, Postdoctoral Fellow at The Ohio State University

Dawn Espy, 08 (Vanderbilt; SPCL Lab Manager 09-11), PhD Student in Personality and Social Contexts at The University of Michigan

Meghan Bean, PhD 11, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Arizona

Evan Apfelbaum, PhD 09 (Tufts; SPCL post-doctoral Fellow 09-11), Assistant Professor, MIT

Sarah Johnson, PhD 09, APA Science Directorate Executive Branch Fellow

Sophie Trawalter, PhD 06 (Dartmouth College) SPCL Post-doctoral Fellow 07-09, Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia

Paul Eastwick, PhD 09, Assistant Professor, Texas A & M University

Andy Todd, PhD 09, Assistant Professor , University of Iowa

David Miele, PhD 09, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland

Mary Murphy, PhD 07 (Stanford University) SPCL Post-doctoral Fellow (07-09), Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Michelle Rheinschmidt, 07 (SPCL Lab Manager 07-09), Ph.D. student in Social/Personality Psychology at UC, Berkeley.

Josie Menkin, 09 (Honors Thesis), Lab Manager for Life-span Development Lab at Stanford University

Rachel Vaughn 09 (Honors Thesis), Research Technician at the National Center for PTSD, Women's Health Sciences Division

Dorainne Levy, SROP Fellow, Summer 08, 09, Ph.D. student in Social Psychology at Northwestern University!

Allison Mueller, IPR Fellow, 08

Jason Okonofua, 08; PhD student in Social Psychology at Stanford University

Deborah Son (Honor Thesis), 08; PhD student in Social Psychology at Princeton University

Alyse Lattanzi (Honors Thesis), 08

Robynn Yip, 08

Sara Freedman, 08

Stacy Kramer, 08; University of Pennsylvania, 09

Melissa Mitchell, 07 (Honors Thesis); PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Florida State University

Leslie Halpern, 07 (Honors Thesis); Medical student at Rush Medical College

Christine Peeler, 07

Jaime Crowley, 07

Sylvia Robinson, 06

Dartmouth College

Shermaine Jones, 06; PhD student in African American Studies at The University of Virginia

Carolyn Parma, 05; Medical student at University of Illinois College of Medicine
Brian Sylvester, 05 (Honors Thesis); J.D., Cornell Law School ('07)

H. Katharine Lo, 04 (Presidential Scholar)
Sue Paik , MA 04; J.D., Yale Law School
Andrea Stier, MA 04; PhD student in Clinical Psychology at University of California, Berkeley
Kurt Peters, 03; PhD student in Social Psychology at the University of Western Ontario

Vincent Ng, 03 (Presidential Scholar)
Caitlin Farrell, 03
Natalie Hornak, 03 (Honors Thesis); M.D. candidate at Dartmouth Medical School
Richard Jay Nussbaum, 03; MPP candidate at the UC, Berkeley School of Public Policy

Kristin Pauker , 02 (Honors Thesis); 09 PhD (Tufts University); Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii
Romero Hayman, 02
Randall Brown, 02
Lauren Grabowski, 02