Psych 321-0: Neuroscience and Behavior Laboratory


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Course Description:

CONTENT: Brain wave representation of cognitive and emotional processes in humans

PREREQUISITES: 312-2 recommended (312-1 or equivalent is sufficient). Also recommended: Computer skills, consultation with instructor.

TEACHING METHOD: This is a laboratory course in Psychobiology. Each week the students will receive one or two introductory lectures on the particular technique to be used that week. The remainder of the weekly time (10 or more hours) will be spent in the laboratory using that technique. The content area for study involves brain wave representation of cognitive and emotional processes in humans. Therefore, the techniques utilized center around recording and computer analysis of brain waves. Between one and three original (occasionally publishable) experimental studies are done.

EVALUATION METHOD: The quality of data generated (brain waves demonstrated, etc.) will be graded by an instructor and a teaching assistant and will comprise 75% of the grade. A final data compilation and paper on a final project will comprise 25%.

Syllabus: 321: 2018


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