MOSAIC Lab Members
Douglas Medin
Northwestern University Department of Psychology


Project Coordinator

Jennie Woodring


Graduate Students


   Amanda Herrera   Janene Cielto 
         Natalie Gallagher    Alissa Baker-Oglesbee        

PhD - lab affiliate

School of Education and Social Policy

 Kalonji Nzinga

Postdoc affiliate

Angie Little

(Physics Education Research Lab, Michigan State Univeristy)


Former Postdoctoral Fellows
Tom Reynolds  
Denis Hilton Prof. of Social Psychology, Universite de Toulouse-LeMirail (Toulouse II)
Evan Heit   Prof. of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of CA, Merced
Edward Wisniewski Assoc. Prof. of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
John Coley Assoc. Prof of Psychology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Karen Solomon Willamette University, Salem, OR (2003)
Luisa Maffi   Pres. and Sec. of Board of Directors, Terralingua, Salt Spring Island, BC
Norbert Ross Assist. Prof. of Anthropology and Psychology, Vanderbilt U, Nashville, TN
Elizabeth Lynch Assistant Prof, Dept. of Preventive Medicine, Rush University, Chicago
Carmen Tanner Prof. of Cognitive Social Psychology, University of Zurich Psychological Istitut
Tracy Lavin Research Analyst, Canadian Council of Learning, Vancouver, BC
Andrzej Tarlowski Post Doc, University of Basque Country, Spain
Olivier LeGuen Fellow, Max Planck Institute, Netherlands
Will Bennis Cultural Psychologist/Cognitive Anthropologist, Univ. Lecturer (Czech Republic)
Craig Joseph Consultant - Quantitative and qualitative research, grant writing, litigation consulting, Philadelphia, PA
Morteza Dehghani Research Scientist, Centers for Creative Technologies, Univ. Southern CA
Erin Leddon Assoc. Dir of English Language Learning, Northwestern University
Sonya Sachdeva Research Social Scientist, US Forestry Service, Evanston, IL
Eli Suzukovich Adjunct Lecturer, Environmental Policy and Culture, Northwestern University
Ananda Marin

Assistant Professor of Eucation, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

bethany ojalehto Assistant Professor, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Former Graduate Students
Stephen Edelson Director, Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, OR
Will Wattenmaker Prof. of Psychology, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
Gerald Dewey  
WooKyoung Ahn Prof. of Psychology, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Robert Goldstone Prof. of Psychology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Mary Lassaline  
Joshua Rubinstein Project Mgr., Human Factors Behavioral Sciences Projects, Homeland Security
Cynthia Aguilar Sodini Dir., Consumer Insights & Strategy, Mondelez International, Chicago, IL
Bradley Love Adjunct Prof. of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Sergey Blok Sr. Research Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA
Russ Burnett Sr Research Methodologist, US Gov't Accountability Office. Washington, DC
Amber Bloomfield Faculty, Language Science Center, U of Maryland
Megan Bang Assistant Prof.,University of Washington and American Indian Center of Chicago
Daniel Bartels Assistant Prof. of Marketing, Business School, Columbia University, NY
Julia Beth Proffitt Assistant Dean of the College, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Sara Unsworth Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Diné College, Tsaile, AZ
Sonya Sachdeva Research Social Scientist, US Forestry Service, Evanston, IL
Rumen Iliev Senior Data Analyst, PERTS, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Patricia Herrmann Senior Director of Research, Senseye, Inc., Austin, TX
Ananda Marin Assistant Professor, Edication and Information Studies, UCLA
Han Gong Assistant Professor, Nanjing University, China
Izabel Duarte Olson

Founder and Executive Director, Salt and Light Coalition, Chicago, IL

bethany ojalehto Assistant Professor, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Kalonji Nzinga Lecturer, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

last updated 8-30-18